TY-Space Technology (Beijing) Ltd.
TY-Space Technology (Beijing) Ltd. specializes in the development and production of Star Trackers. The core technology comes from the research and development of Tsinghua University in the past two decades. Out there 133 orbital star trackers are work well. Some star-trackers are working for national major tasks, China's lunar exploration projects and Gaofen projects, and some for communication satellites.
Dynamic star simulator
Dynamic star simulator





视场:15°x 18°[有效]

精度:非光轴方向<5″  光轴方向<50″




视场:21.3° x 19.5°

大速率精度:非光轴方向5(3σ) 光轴方向:50(3σ)


PST3-H1 Star Tracker
PST3-H1 Star Tracker


视场:15° x 18°    精度:非光轴方向<5''(3σ) 光轴方向<50"(3σ)          数据更新率:≥10Hz

Performance Testing
Environmental test
Space target discovery and tracking
Remote sensing camera calibration in orbit
Performance Testing


Stargazing test

Test star tracker static, dynamic attitudeefficiency, static accuracy, dynamic performance, polarity, and capture time inall-sky zone. The device is fixedly connected to the turntable, differentangular speeds of the rotation can be set to realize the measurement ofdifferent sky areas.


Dynamicaccuracy test

Thedynamic accuracy test is to verify the dynamic performance of the device bytesting the dynamic accuracy of the device under different angular velocitieson a high-precision turntable. The measurement of dynamic accuracy is thedifference between the actual rotation angle of the turntable and the rotationangle of the equipment. A parallel light pipe is used to simulate a single starpoint, and the turntable is used for external synchronous transmission. Thefalling edge of the FEN signal of the device triggers the turntable. Theturntable outputs real-time position through RS422. The device image is savedin real-time by the image transmission software and the angle value iscalculated. Internal exposure and line input compensation can verify thedynamic accuracy of the device.


Stray light test

Test equipment stray light exclusion angle.Fix the device on the turntable, set different light intensity of the solarsimulator according to the test requirements, adjust the angle of the deviceand the solar simulator, make the optical axis direction of the device lenscoincides with the light path direction, record it as the zero degree position,adjust the rotation Record the working status of the equipment at differentangles to verify the stray light suppression performance.


Installation matrix measurement

Measure the transformation matrix betweenthe device sensor coordinate system and the satellite coordinate system, (theprism can be the reference prism that comes with the device sensor or thereference prism for the entire satellite). Utilizing the self-collimationfunction of the theodolite, the system alignment measurement is performed tocalibrate the device sensor prism coordinate system and the satellitecoordinate system. It is used to measure the installation matrix betweenprisms, and equipment.

Environmental test


Vibration test

The frequency range of the electrical ShakerTables is 5-3500Hz, the maximum no-load acceleration is 1000m / s2, and themaximum speed is 1.8m / s, the maximum displacement is 51mm, the maximum loadis 300kg, and the effective weight of the moving table is 6kg. Its workingprinciple is the same as that of the loudspeaker, which is the current-carryingconductor is moved by the electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. When thecurrent passing through the moving coil of the vibration table generates anexciting force with an alternating signal, a vibration movement occurs. Theshaking table simulates the product vibration environment and is suitable forproducts working in a vibration environment such as national defense, aviation,and electronics. The tests include frequency sweep, sinusoidal vibration,random vibration, noise, and shock.


Thermal cycling

Programmable constant temperature andhumidity test chamber temperature range is -60 ~ + 150 , the volumeis 1000L. Constant temperature and humidity control system, PID control SSR, sothat the heating and humidification of the system equals the amount of heat andhumidity loss. The dry-wet bulb temperature measurement signal is compared withthe A / D conversion input controller CPU and RAN and output to the I / Oboard. The I / O board sends instructions to make the air supply system andrefrigeration system work and at the same time PID control SSR or heating SSR,or humidify SSR so that the amount of heat and humidity through the air supplysystem uniform test box to achieve a constant temperature and humidity.Applicable to the related industries such as optoelectronics, semiconductorindustry, auto parts, household appliances, various electronic components andso on.


Thermal vacuum

Vacuum degree can reach 5x10-5Pa,temperature range is -60 ~ + 120 . During the simulation test, the test piece is in a working state,placed in the vacuum tank, and the gas in the container is extracted to therequired value. The working parameters and environmental parameters of the testpiece verify the adaptability of the test piece in a vacuum environment. Thetest is mostly used to inspect the manufacturing process of spacecraft equipmentand find that the spacecraft equipment fails early.

Space target discovery and tracking


Remote sensing camera calibration in orbit





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